The LGSETA hosted a two-day Interprovincial Skills Development Facilitator Forum with municipalities from the Eastern and Western Cape. The forum was a platform for the municipal representatives from different municipalities with different backgrounds and challenges to share their experiences, projects and best practice.

The Executive Mayor of Bitou Municipality, Cllr Peter Lobese, welcomed all the delegates to the session and acknowledged the presence of the LGSETA Chief Operations Officer, Mr Mkhize. He applauded him for the work done by the LGSETA, the support and for encouraging such initiatives where the work of the SDFs can be recognised. He highlighted the important role the SDFs have within the municipalities and communities. “It is the SDFs that are in the cold face of communities and it’s the SDFs that need to assist with addressing the challenges with in the communities”, he stated.

The Interprovincial Forum discussions focused on the work of the SDF and ways of professionalising the SDF occupation.

The speakers at the Forum included feedback on the WSP Evaluations from Mrs Josie Singaram, SSP Manager, who also confirmed that the Eastern and Western Cape had a 100% submission.  Dr Harlan Cloete from the School of Public Leadership; University of Stellenbosch, presented the findings of the research conducted on “Professionalising the SDF Occupation”.

In supporting and recognising the important role of the SDFs, the LGSETA has partnered with the Association for Skills Development is South Africa (ASDSA) in professionalising the SDF occupation.  Gill Connellan from ASDSA was also present to outline the benefits of the membership and highlighted the importance of professionalising the role of an SDF.